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Originally Posted by KyrosKrane View Post
Whoops! Forgot to post here that I've updated this, and it's ready for 7.0.3. I've also added an additional annoyance - selling group-looted items no longer gives you a pop-up.
Hey, found this from a google search and saw on the addon site that you've recently updated this; I was wondering as to the above question, have you found a way to add the pop-up stating your addons are experiencing too many errors? I understand the "severity" of this popup as you above mentioned, however even with "too many errors" I suffer no performance impact, and have to click ignore on this popup every time I logon a new character, not to mention I use a "dialog key" to auto-click most popups, and when this pops up in the middle of combat or screwing around (or selecting dialog chat in a quest pane) I mistakenly click to disable addons, which is infuriating.

Thanks for the addon regardless, nice to get rid of most stupid spam popups!
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