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Originally Posted by Deadhand View Post
Hey, found this from a google search and saw on the addon site that you've recently updated this; I was wondering as to the above question, have you found a way to add the pop-up stating your addons are experiencing too many errors? I understand the "severity" of this popup as you above mentioned, however even with "too many errors" I suffer no performance impact, and have to click ignore on this popup every time I logon a new character, not to mention I use a "dialog key" to auto-click most popups, and when this pops up in the middle of combat or screwing around (or selecting dialog chat in a quest pane) I mistakenly click to disable addons, which is infuriating.

Thanks for the addon regardless, nice to get rid of most stupid spam popups!
The logic hasn't really changed here. That's a WoW system message telling you one of your addons is so badly out of date, WoW thinks it should be disabled. The best fix there is to contact the addon author and see if they're still interested in updating their addon. If not, maybe post on the various addon forums and see if someone else wants to pick up the addon and prepare a fix for it?

Even if I did want to remove that popup, I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't have a popup misbehaving that badly. Without seeing the actual popup, it's hard to find the right bit of code to hook into to disable it.

Out of curiosity, what's the addon causing most of these errors for you?
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