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Hello, testing this out some... a little rough at the cuff.

Sorting doesn't appear to have a descending capability - most 80's are going to want new patterns first, not scroll down to see new patterns.
Is there an ability to sort out greens/blues, ilvl's, etc?
Inscription is not under professions as well.
Armor - place a misc. place for this for necks, rings, etc (all but the gems/glyphs under Misc.)
When I go to filter, and I select an armor type (like leather) can it not filter when trying to select a slot (head/shoulder)?
Searching for stats seems to work - can we also put search parameters of greater than? (Just curious)
Misc - Could possibly get rid of this data if the gems/glyphs moved to professions?
Amor/Weapons - These two categories could have a PVP gear area, or create a PVP section to view different PVP gear. (remembering to then break out the ability for each season/type.)
Creatures - Rename to "Instance/Raids drops"
Subsections for Pre-BC, BC, Wrath instances.
When selecting from the first group, the instance in the left panel highlights automatically to Black Morass - can it auto highlight the selected instance instead?

Lastly, when checking through this guide, I get so much spam when I click on different items that it kills my chat screen. Says "CARBONITE guide showType Leather" or replace leather with what you may select. I get about four lines.

EDIT: Ability to shift-click (or some sort of click) to paste a link into chat would be nice.

The blinking dot is great!
Is there a way for the game/carb to realize that the node being detected is not a herb you want to select and therefore disregard the blinking yellow dot. IE: I want to only farm Icethorn/Lichbloom - so I go into Guide > Herbs > and highlight only these two herbs. Could the game/system find out when it finds goldclover and not give me the yellow dot?
Also... Can we further filter out herbs (if possible) to be Original, BC, and Wrath herbs? (or at least, again, a way to sort descending on the "info" header?)

Are there any other features I may have missed reviewing?

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