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Thanks for the feedback. I was in the middle of releasing 3.32, when I saw your post, so I won't get a chance to do any of your suggestions until the next version.

Sort descend - added to todo list.

"Is there an ability to sort out greens/blues, ilvl's, etc?"
Not yet. You want to remove greens/blue and ilvls below a value? Added to todo.

"Inscription is not under professions as well."
Added to todo and improving what is listed for each profession.

"Armor - place a misc. place for this for necks, rings, etc"
I was not sold on where I put some categories. I can put them in both places. Todo.

"When I go to filter, and I select an armor type (like leather) can it not filter when trying to select a slot (head/shoulder)? "
The body location category you select already just shows that type of item. I will probably add an All under each armor type (Cloth, Mail...)

"Searching for stats seems to work - can we also put search parameters of greater than?"
Not yet. It is a text based search, so numbers are not simple. Added to todo.

"Misc - Could possibly get rid of this data if the gems/glyphs moved to professions?"

"Amor/Weapons - These two categories could have a PVP gear area, or create a PVP section to view different PVP gear."
I would like to also add set data sometime. Probably be a while on this.

"Creatures - Rename to "Instance/Raids drops""
I had trouble settling on a name. Yours probably sounds better. Vote now!

"Subsections for Pre-BC, BC, Wrath instances."
That was in the back of my mind. Todo.

"When selecting from the first group, the instance in the left panel highlights automatically to Black Morass - can it auto highlight the selected instance instead?"
The problem is from sorting. The left list selects the same # in the right list when drilling in, but they are often sorted differently. Todo.

"Lastly, when checking through this guide, I get so much spam"
Just debug info. None of that is on in 3.32.

"Ability to shift-click (or some sort of click) to paste a link into chat would be nice."
I could on items in your cache (they have item icon). Others may cause disconnects. Todo.

"Is there a way for the game/carb to realize that the node being detected is not a herb"
No. Carb is switching minimap graphics and the game uses the same graphic for all those.

"Are there any other features I may have missed reviewing?"
I don't think so. Nice feedback. Was wondering if anyone even looked at it.

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