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Originally Posted by lightspark View Post
Nah, it's been happening since WoD at least

You're just unlucky because it happens to your aura CDs

-- edit #1

K, I was right. Try adding this line to your CD-related code, after you set it for instance, you might need to use PostUpdateIcon callback.

Lua Code:
  1. cooldown:SetHideCountdownNumbers(false)

Something sets this flag to true internally (from C, not from Lua). I'll report this bug today w/ this info. It's been awhile since this bug appeared, I guess it's time to finally report it

Quick question.

Does that function has to be called every single update (like PostUpdateIcon as you said)? or could it be done once via button creation (such as PostCreateIcon)?

Great to see that there is at least a temporary solution
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