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Suggestion for Minion addon recognition

Hello, Wowinterface! Love the site and Minion.

I have a suggestion. Currently, Minion seems to recognize specific addons in the addons directory by folder name, which was fine when there was only one version of WoW. Could you change Minion to recognize addons by folder name and by version number in the toc file? This would be convenient so that devs could produce two different versions of an addon (two separate zip files and two wowinterface addon entries) using all the same file and directory names, with only toc files differing on the interface version line, and Minion would recognize and manage them as separate addons. As it stands, I have to use different folder names and toc file names AND possibly XML files for image file references, for example, when I want to produce the same addon for both versions. Being able to use the same folder name for an addon in both versions of WoW would make things much simpler!

Thank you!
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