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Originally Posted by Quanee View Post
I figured that one out, it's just there is no box name for debuff/buff name to enter. No clue where to type in "Inquisition".
Should be in the editbox titled "Match". You can use the spell name just fine, and it also allows the use of Lua's pattern matching skills (which is a new-ish feature). At the moment there's no way to disable the pattern matching though, so be careful with special characters (anything alphanumeric should be fine).

Originally Posted by N30 View Post
you see id txtbox type there the id of spell idk if you could allready use the spell name so go on wowhead and snip the id spell and put in it

btw authors... try redoing the ui i have in live i noticed few thing
1st - spell cd triggre work reversed XD to make it show if the spell is in cd i got to invert the trigger.
Intended, the localised name for it is wrong though. In the code it's called SpellOffCooldown, but the name is Spell Cooldown. Will make this clearer

Originally Posted by N30 View Post
2nd - the spell CD is triggered with few second of lag (in bot direction when cd get triggered and expire)..... for example i normaly track LvB for surge proc, in live it work amazingly eaven a lil before omni cc and spell key say it, on beta it get triggered atlast 1-2 second after
We'll look into it, but there shouldn't be a delay. It could just be beta server latency, or a client bug.

Originally Posted by N30 View Post
3rd - is ****ing hard positioning things without see them on bkground
Known issues cover this, I disabled them a few days ago because of a few changes I'd made. Next release should have them re-enabled.

Originally Posted by N30 View Post
4rth - timers with spell cd trigger seams not working propely (suppose is still not fully implemented)
Not yet implemented