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Minion cant count

Installed Minion. Same bug as a year ago when I last tried it. If you are now selling Premium services, this is simply unprofessional to leave such a glaring bug in your software.

It seems your programmers have not included the logic required to assist Minion in counting.

20 addons are listed that show an "an update" for an addon that has a lower incremental version number on wowinterface than had been previously updated to a higher version by the Curse client. I do understand that this is because the addon author has not updated the addon on your site, but nevertheless, it is quite simple to determine that for example, Version 3.2.3 of Quartz that you say is an update, is a lower version than the 3.2.5 that I have installed.

Fix this and your tool may be considered usable.

Oh and for goodness font 6? Fix that too. It is unreadable on modern hi-res monitors.

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