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I'm (very) familiar with the issues with 7.3.5, having worked around them myself. Based on previous experience Blizzard will be aware of the bug but won't hotfix it, so it'll be broken until there's a minor patch.

Garrisons are not flagged "correctly" with respect to the achievement unlocks. Blizzard appear to not consider this a bug - I don't expect it to change and I expect it to continue to work this way in the future with BfA. Given that it is reliably continent-wide it is a minor inconvenience at most.

If GetCurrentMapAreaID() == 1177 and select(8, GetInstanceInfo()) == 1756, then where is the -1 coming from?
-1 is the continent, from GetCurrentMapContinent()

Also if you are going to be doing map querying and don't want to handle it nicely yourself you may as well use https://www.wowace.com/projects/herebedragons
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