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Thanks for all the fish!

(this is a cross-post from the comments from one of my addons)

Unfortunately (for you? fortunately, for me) I have quit WoW, as could probably be inferred from my absence here. Raiding the same instance over and over for a minor upgrade wasn't fun anymore, and having four 60's (2 Horde, 2 Alliance) meant I'd seen and done pretty much everything that there was to do levelling up. I really enjoyed it while it lasted, but in the end the only reason I was playing anymore was so that I could develop addons. That was quite fun itself, however I soon realized that coding free addons for a game which have no use in the real world, was not the most productive use of my time. Then you consider the monthly subscription fee, and it turns into me paying to develop addons that serve no real purpose. But I digress.

My main point in coming back and posting here is two-fold:

1) I would like to think the WoW modding community for all the help and support, along with Slouken on the WoW UI dev team. Without the community and Slouken, I would never have had the enjoyment that I did have from developing addons. Additionally, Cairenn and Iriel were a godsend for me, along with all the users in #wow-interface and #ace. That's where I truly felt apart of a community. Hats off to all the volunteers!

2) I give permission for anyone to pickup these addons where I left off if you so desire, I stake no claim to them anymore. Do with them what you wish.

Ciao, enjoy your WoW!

-kenman (elvisimo/elviso)
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