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Originally Posted by Elhana View Post
I never used WM and got no idea of what exactly they were changing in addon code, but from a typical user perspective I don't see them putting temporary fixes into the code as a bad idea.
I see your point, however they were not implementing fixes, they were merely preventing the end user from knowing anything was wrong in the first place.

I understand that you live in a country where US copyright law doesn't apply. If I try to place myself in your shoes, maybe I'd be okay with what they were doing, if and that's a big if, they were implementing actual bugfixes.

Let me ask you this though, how do you feel about privacy laws? WM even went so far as so edit users Config.wtf files. That should be a red flag right there. If you have WoW remember your account name it will be stored in that file. Since I have a battle.net account, my email address is actually stored in there. I personally find that unacceptable.

Originally Posted by Elhana View Post
Now if WM does it for it's users I seriously see no harm in such actions, only benefits to it's end users (excepet that there shall be a warning about workaround implemented).
Yes, you are right that would have been nice if they let users know they changed the code of an AddOn. Too bad they did no such thing.
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