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Enh can use MW for heals but I honestly never had a problem questing as Ele.

With Grounding Totem and Wind Shear casters usually die before they reach me, since they run at you after you interrupt them.

With Earthgrab/bind Totem and Frost Shock I can usually kill melee before they reach me, and you can kite with Ghost Wolf. If they do, Thunderstorm and keep nuking.

Don't forget about Hex, Spiritwalker's Grace, and Ele Mastery if **** gets heavy though.

I used to be dual specced Resto. You will NEVER die, but it'll take a smidge longer to kill things. It's really not as bad as it sounds because you'd be using most of the same gear as you would with Ele and Spell Power would still be what you need to heal/kill ****.
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