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Originally Posted by Psychophan7 View Post
What's the quote? Something like "one mans typo is another mans code feature" or similar?

If I wrote an addon that calls function 'origen' and WM fixes that, then who is to say if they are correcting a typo or screwing my code? I might have written another addon that tries to call 'origen' from the other addon (can addons do that?) but WM went and fudged it by correcting my "typo" and turning it into 'origin'. Great, now theres compatibility issues between my own mods because WM dipped their dirty hands into my cookie jar. These are my cookies, dammit, so hands off! But my end users wouldn't know there's now an issue because WM went and messed with their WTF file to suppress the LUA errors.

But I'm not an addon author, so my cookie jar is safe... for now.
except that it didn't do things like that. it actually fixed real typos -- probably that were reported and fixed in later versions that wowmatrix doesn't host. the code is viewable on the wow forums.

edit: in regards to all the editing, i think it's sketchy, but i can sort of understand the rationale behind it -- wowmatrix was playing from behind the 8-ball. their options were then and are now quite limited. the turning off errors (and disabling addons like swatter) were particularly obnoxious and inexcusable. i'll just reiterate that i don't have some rosy idea of what wowmatrix was and is, just that i think what gets overlooked is that they did provide a useful tool and a lot of people were quite happy with it. if the addon community was truly a "community" and not a business, then i think a site like wowmatrix would have found a way to play nicely with others. but curse and wowi are not charities (and i'm not saying they should be). it is what it is.

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