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Originally Posted by Elhana View Post
I never used WM and got no idea of what exactly they were changing in addon code, but from a typical user perspective I don't see them putting temporary fixes into the code as a bad idea. Sometimes I like the addon and want to play as soon as patch hits, login and see that it is broken - having some lua knowledge I would either fix error myself or if I can't figure out cause of it quickly i'd just supress/comment it out to allow mod to work to some degree.


Now if WM does it for it's users I seriously see no harm in such actions, only benefits to it's end users (excepet that there shall be a warning about workaround implemented).
This kind of thing causes a major headache for the addon authors however, because WM doesn't fix bugs, it attempts to hide them. A true to life example, we spent several weeks tracking down a problem in QuestHelper, which turned out to only occur when the user installed it via WoWMatrix. Turns out, WoWMatrix was making a change to the code to suppress a known bug, which it did. The problem is it also ensured that pieces of QuestHelper didn't have a change of functioning correctly.

They also like to blindly update .toc files on versions of addons which have not been updated to work with a new WoW patch, and turn off lua errors in the WoW config, so the user just sees an addon not working. Thus the author is being flooded with reports of bad behavior which is actually being caused by an error which is being hidden from the user (Who is often running a out of date version without realizing it).

This kind of tinkering doesn't help the authors or the users.
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