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Originally Posted by Psychophan7 View Post
WoW Interface is a form of content delivery. They do not supply any fixes to the thousands of Addons that they host and deliver. Why? It's not an issue of manpower, it's because as a content delivery site, it's not their role to provide the fixes. That's what the authors are for, to fix their own stuff. WoWI doesn't stick their dirty hands into the cookie jar, they open the jar and present it to you and say 'take as many as you want.' WM on the other hand, doesn't wash after going to the bathroom, sticks both of their hands into the jar, fondles the cookies aggressively, and makes them crumble. It wasn't even their own jar of cookies that they were sticking their hands into, either!

In short: Content delivery platforms are not supposed to molest the cookies.
Excellent explanation!

It was also extremely funny lol
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