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Connecting action to button

I am new to this so I am missing something likely very simple. I need to click a button which then runs through a for loop and each time the for loop executes an blizzard api. I have 7 buttons and they show up so long as I place the SetScript below all the buttons. on button press it should send the tab number to the for loop and then go through the loop until complete. It does not do anything when I press the button now.

UIConfig.GT6toBagButton = CreateFrame("Button", nil, UIConfig, "GameMenuButtonTemplate");
UIConfig.GT6toBagButton:SetPoint("CENTER", UIConfig, "TOP", 0, -190);
UIConfig.GT6toBagButton:SetSize(140, 40);
UIConfig.GT6toBagButton:SetText("GT6 to Bag");

UIConfig.GT7toBagButton = CreateFrame("Button", nil, UIConfig, "GameMenuButtonTemplate");
UIConfig.GT7toBagButton:SetPoint("CENTER", UIConfig, "TOP", 0, -220);
UIConfig.GT7toBagButton:SetSize(140, 40);
UIConfig.GT7toBagButton:SetText("GT7 to Bag");

UIConfig.GT1toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 1));
UIConfig.GT2toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 2));
UIConfig.GT3toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 3));
UIConfig.GT4toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 4));
UIConfig.GT5toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 5));
UIConfig.GT6toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 6));
UIConfig.GT7toBagButton:SetScript("OnClick", fromGT(self, event, 7));

local function fromGT(self, event, tabNumber)
local tab = tabNumber;

for slot = 1, 98, 1 do
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