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I always had a difficult time deciding. I've always loved Dwarves so I think at first I made a Dwarf (Can't remember what my first was tbh), but I grew to hate the way gear looked on them so I created new toons. I was always finding things I didn't like about a race/class and rerolling. Eventually I came to the conclusion that what mattered most to me were the cast animations and how gear looked on the race. I also play both Horde and Alliance.

Tauren are one of my favorites in this regard. I like their cast animations and the gear doesn't look squishy or dumpy on them. Their /dance makes me giggle every time.

Undead are also cool looking despite the chunks where their bones show through. I feel 9x out of 10 it makes them look cooler anyway. Cool cast animations and /dance.

Draenei also look good in gear and I think their crossbow animation is epic. Hate their /dance though.

NElf animations suck imo and they look decent in gear despite their funky proportions. Their /dance is what wins me over though.

As far as classes go, I always had trouble with that too. It seemed like everyone had a MAIN and some alts. I felt like I had ALTS. Period. I thoroughly enjoyed every class I picked up, even the melee classes (which I never really enjoyed in other games). That lead me to trying a lot of melee initially.

Rogue and Enh Shammy were probably my first melee mains in any game ever, although I don't think I would have considered them mains now that I type it out.

I guess my first 2 "mains" were Resto Druid and Disc Priest. I love healing but when I played random BG's I always felt like I wasn't making a big enough impact on the game. Keeping people that hit like wet noodles alive doesn't get you very far.

I started using an Aff Lock and Frost Mage more. Even though they play completely differently (DoTs vs Burst) I could never just pick one. I enjoyed them both immensely.

I guess if I HAD to pick one class/race combo for the rest of my WoW "career" it would be Draenei Mage. I love their city and the way they speak. Being a giant purple space goat makes a lot of the mage gear look cool too. The racials are just a plus. With GotN, bandages, and Spellsteal I feel like I can heal myself up pretty well even with no friendly healers around. Between that and Mage CC I feel pretty invincible. Being OP helps too, but even if they nerfed Mages into the ground I don't think I would give up my Magery except maybe to start maining on my Priest or Druid.
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