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NPC Scan?

I know on the to do list is "tracking of rare mobs" but what are your thoughts on that? NPC Scan is one of the best in my opinion, but has a few issues of its own.

If you're not familiar with it, NPC Scan will detect, using the cache, whether certain rare mobs show up. It's very helpful if you happen to be flying over an area where there's a rare mob that you would've never known about otherwise. It sounds an audible alert, does a pop up and while it can be hard to physically find the mob sometimes, you know he's there somewhere. Perfect for taming Loque in SB etc. Is that what you were thinking of adding?

NPC Scan will also show you the known areas of rare mobs on the map and color code them, so you know exactly where to travel to to search. Where you just thinking of adding this feature?

Of course, I'd love to see the alert portion added too, since that really is great. I can't tell you how many times I've been flying across zones not even thinking about rare mobs and NPC scan goes buck wild.

It does have some drawbacks.

1) it uses the cache to detect the mobs, which of course is the best way since you dont have to mouse over or anything, but once a mob is detected, its in the cache and wont be search for again, unless you physically delete the cache folder, then log back into wow. Not a big deal, but frustrating when it detect King Krush in Orgrimmar (as a pet, of course) and now you have to log out, delete the folder, and log back in if you want to go actively search for him. It even says it will ignore findings where the mob is in the wrong zone, but it doesn't. you still have to delete the cache.

2) another drawback is it only searches for mobs that help with the Bloody Rare and other achievements, unless you specifically add the name of the mob. I'd much rather see support for every single rare mob in the game. Just because I dont NEED to kill Tak the Leaper in Barrens, doesn't mean I dont WANT to kill him. A better example of why this is a good addition is when you're in an instance and a rare mob spawns. YOu dont need them for any achievements, but the loot is still nice, usually. If you're avoiding trash, you might not ever know the rare mob is there without an audible alert, since not many people make a point to mouse over every mob they're skipping. Make sense?