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Because I found that the indoors carbonite minimap is not very accurate. If we are inside a cave, for example, it does not show the herbalism or ore nodes. A minor nitpick easily solved by docking the Blizz minimap.

This arrangement has worked fine up to now but now that you mention it I will do a quick hop in-game to test.

Okay, went and tested. No option seems able to -remove- the docking. Which seems interesting.


After a bit of testing it only happens when the indoors has a map of its own. A simple cave or house will not trigger this (though it -will- display the docked mini map), but if the map has to change to display the indoors area then when we pop back out the zoom is maxed.

I would say it is maybe just me since no one else is complaining about this, but I disabled all addons other than Carbonite Maps and had the same behavior repeating itself.

Edit: With all this testing I remembered why the carbonite minimap did not show the ore and herbal nodes while indoors. I have never been able to remove the indoors docking and the second best thing was to scale the docked minimap to a pinprick so it was for all effects invisible. But once docking happens it takes over showing the quest givers and the nodes, so even scaled down to a minimum it was taking over those duties.

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