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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
in the current alpha release people are testing notes are already account wide, so every character shares them.

It is also a seperate file, Carbonite.Notes.lua in your saved variables so it is easy to backup.

However I wouldn't jump on the alpha just for it, because while right now you can import notes to it, soon it's going the called carbonite2 instead of carbonite and I have no plans (at least for now, we'll see ><) of maintaining a carbonite section of carbonite2 just for backwards compatability (ie access to NxData in carbonite.lua saved variables)
That is FANTASTIC news! I can't wait for this new release. I hope I can hold out on reinstalling WoW until this new release comes out, as I am in dire need of uninstalling wow and reinstalling it completely...maybe even a hard drive format. If a small donation would help speed things up, I can see what I can do. It would be well worth the investment.