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If you want to do a full scan single page query using the default entries of objects on the browse tab, this is the long form code for QueryAuctionItems()

QueryAuctionItems(BrowseName:GetText(), BrowseMinLevel:GetNumber(), BrowseMaxLevel:GetNumber(), AuctionFrameBrowse.selectedCategoryIndex, AuctionFrameBrowse.selectedSubCategoryIndex, AuctionFrameBrowse.selectedSubSubCategoryIndex, AuctionFrameBrowse.page, IsUsableCheckButton:GetChecked(), UIDropDownMenu_GetSelectedValue(BrowseDropDown), ExactMatchCheckButton:GetChecked())

This pulls the code out of line 431 of the AuciotnUI.lua file from the function AuctionFrameBrowse_Search(), passing to the local function AuctionFrameBrowse_SearchHelper() - this is what contains QueryAuctionItems() and what passes arguments to it.