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Tried and failed - more help please !

Ok. so i'm going to document what i did as obviously something is wrong:

created folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Carbonite.Notes.Chests.toc

in that folder created files: Carbonite.Notes.Chests.toc and Chests.lua

Carbonite.Notes.Chests.toc contains:
## Interface: 60000
## Title: Carbonite Notes - Chests
## Version: 1.0
## Author: noobinit
## Notes: Sturdy Treasure Chests
## DefaultState: Enabled
## LoadOnDemand: 0
## RequiredDeps: Carbonite.Notes


Chests.lua contains the sample text you provided - i figured it probably would work maybe i was wrong and need to customize it to "real data"?:
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 1",4,16,40,49)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 2",4,17,21,56)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 3",4,17,66,36)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 4",4,19,45,88)
Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Chests","Chest Name 5",4,19,61,14)

when i did this i opened notes in carbonite and found a listing for "my notes" (containing all of the notes i've added) as well as "note addons" which was blank - nothing under that headiing.

SOOO - what did i do wrong?
and while i'm at it, maybe i missed something important - please explain what is meant by "at l77 specification" that goes in the chest.lua file.

And thanks again. I am about to make a donation for all of your hard work now that the carbonite update has come out.
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