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To further elaborate, it's not the position of the MRP tooltip that is actually the problem. The "conflict" is that the tooltip is being activated by mousing over the buff icons, and so while I'm mousing over one thing, the game thinks I'm mousing over something else, with the result that I think I'm clicking on one thing, and the game thinks I'm clicking on something else, and so my click does not have the desired result.

Here's a screenshot of the problem:


The mouse pointer doesn't show up in the screenshot (I thought there was a setting for that, but I can't find it now), but it's hovering right over the "Honor Among Thieves" buff icon. The tooltip isn't actually covering the icon, but the game just doesn't realize that it's the buff icon I'm hovering over; it seems to think I'm hovering over my character portrait, and behaves accordingly.

Side note: I understand that the actual problem here might just as easily be something on MRP's end, but I'm not a coder myself and have no way to diagnose that. I'll drop MRP's author a note to point them to this thread.