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Originally Posted by Seer View Post
Would you mind typing /framestack in chat and mouse over that area ? should give an indication what frame is over that area that's being nasty.
Frame Stack (16.82, 218.70)
<0> UIParent
<5> nUI_SoloUnit_Player_Aura2_Button1_HitBox
<4> nUI_SoloUnit_Player_Aura2_Button1
<3> nUI_SoloUnit_Player_Aura2
<2> nUI_SoloUnit_Player_Aura2_Background
<0> nUI_Dashboard
<0> WorldFrame

Originally Posted by Chmee View Post
Besides, why bother turning it off? If you're a warrior or rogue it doesn't affect you at all.
I was just using that as an example of a buff you might want to click off for whatever reason. First thing that came to mind.