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ZOMGBuffs Replacement

[Cross-posted from MMO Champ.]

For those unfamiliar with the mod, and wondering what I'm looking for, ZOMGBuffs allowed you to bind a key to cast missing, specified buffs (self and raid-wide ones): DI/Unending Breath/Twilight Ward for warlocks, Kings if no druid and Might if there is one for paladins, etc. It was a very handy mod but the authors seem to have abandoned it in favour of their other projects (one updated just a day or two ago) and aren't replying to tickets.

I tried fixing it as per the comments on the Curse page but it still spews errors at me and makes stupid suggestions like VE when it's still on cooldown / Crusader Aura when it no longer exists.

If there's a replacement out there, even in alpha stages, I'd love to know about it.
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