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Targetting a mob trough the MT or MA

Hello folks,

I have a question about targetting a mob trough the Tank.
I have played EQ1 and EQ2 for a long time (spank me for that) but im a bit spoiled.
When i was in a Group or Raid then it was easy to assist trough the Tank so you know wich mob you have to cast on, this was going automaticly.
And you kept assisting (mean not auto casting) the Tank even when the mob died (so you have the next mob targetted as soon as the tank points a new target)

This is something i miss in WoW (or i must do someting wrong).

What i am looking for is a way to keep assisting the Tank (MA or MT) even when he / she is switching to a new Mob automaticly without pressing a Key to get the mob targetted.

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