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Thats not the main point constructive Disscussions are welcome, but your way to come over with your comments, without reading nor any asking why is it done, then your comments in Issues all that is just like do it this way that's right,

Let's think about we put your code in, next week come another User just with other Ideas, Translation Part is most times things that have to be disscused because, for most terms you can use other parts.

Had to the disscussion on Mobs, yes it's a wow term we can use, but we had thoughts to all generations of wow users, and I know many old Gamers, they ask what is ment whith this or this, so we want a Version for new Gamers, Young Gamers and older ones and thats why we agreed to use as much as possible german words for Translations

We can disscuss this if you want, but not the way your going at the moment,

Greetings Samyonair

It's welcome to help us to get a good Version but not the way that has to be this way or that must be done
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