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Thanks for explaining that, Rythal. As I said... I'm not a developer, so the terminologies are something I don't understand. I can't even understand the terminologies in the GitHub (but, I try!). When I read that you were talking about the public release, I didn't realize that you were talking about the GitHub version (prior to your releasing it to the public as an update to the Live version).

You said there was only one error you were still concerned with, but I was thinking selfishly about a few of the ones I encounter every day. Now, I understand you. That's a relief.

Thank you for your reply. I guess I'm just overwhelmed by all the work you and all the others have done to help the rest of us. You have no possible way to understand how grateful I am for the effort all of you have put into improving and keeping Carbonite alive and functioning well. God bless all of you! I wish there was some way to share my donations between all of you who have worked so hard! I just don't know how to do that. The others have really helped!
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