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Originally Posted by d87 View Post
idk if it'll actually work, but along those lines
/cancelform [noform:0]
/stopmacro [noform:0]
/cast [nocombat,indoors] Prowl; [indoors] Cat Form; Travel Form
I don't think [form:0] exists. It's just [form] to match any. Also, /cancelform takes effect immediately and doesn't require a server response, making /stopmacro not actually work as you intended. On the other hand, /cast does require the server to respond so we can use that quirk instead. I also modified the macro to handle using Aquatic Form (part of Travel Form) while swimming too.

Here's the revised macro
/cast [form] ;[outdoors][swimming] Travel Form; [combat] Cat Form; Prowl
/cancelform [form]
PS: We force /cast to do nothing by sending no ability if in a form already. This lets you cancel your current form without casting a new one unintentionally. You can add a /stopmacro followed by a /cast to set a default icon if the question mark bothers you.

Originally Posted by jeruku View Post
So if memory serves, and I'm reading that wiki page right, the noform condition indicates you're not shapeshifted and form indicates you are.
/cancelform [form]
/stopmacro [form]
/cast [nocombat,indoors,form:2] Prowl; [indoors] Cat Form; Travel Form
In modern WoW, Prowl automatically activates Cat Form if not already in it. This may be the intended condition for the macro. However, in classic you can duplicate this effect by using /cast Cat Form on the line immediately preceding /cast Prowl. It works most of the time. I've only observed it failing once while playing a druid for 2 months.
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