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Lol. You guys act like Blizzard just broke the whole game by making this alteration to classic restrictions.

Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
The whole point of addons and the game's API is for the community to tailor the UI to their liking, including anything that communicates, as long as the ToS isn't violated. The addon API was available in vanilla and it's available in classic. Blizzard has no right to enforce vanilla addons, they are only responsible for the game experience itself. Trying to force the community to play like it's 2006 is ludicrous. If that's what you wanted out of classic, Blizzard breaking addons isn't going to help you. Go back to private servers if you want a pristine community.

Also, you can't tell me my arguments are void. We told you your vanilla server argument was void because Blizzard said no, but we were wrong. Now you're on the other side, and you will be wrong. I want to play classic the way I want to play it, don't tell me to play retail.
Yes the addons are here to allow people to make their ui suitable to their preferences. Yes, the api has been available from the get go. Yes, with all that addons can communicate through a channel. Yes, Blizzard can change the way addons do X task if enough of the community comes forward as we've done to have certain things changed. All of us that want a more pure experience already know we're not going to get the full experience and we're over it but, if we can have certain things changed to get closer to the experience then we will. In the end if you don't like it well too bad, get over it or go to retail.

Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
Yeah, but Blizzard isn't going to LET you play classic the way you want to. They are going to force (perhaps too strong a word for this situation) you to play it the way that they want the classic version of the game to be played. Which is, probably, as close to the actual "classic" version of the game as they can get using the current game as a base to work off of (or close to current, anyway).
Blizzard didn't do this themselves, they listened to big name influences and the community that has been pestering them about legacy servers.

Originally Posted by HonorGoG View Post
I certainly hope they don't decide that the enhanced functionality we've added into Titan Panel Classic, that wasn't present in the Vanilla version of Titan Panel, is a violation of the "Classic Experience". To be perfectly honest, the older Titan Panel for Vanilla was a bloated beast so maybe I should add some timers that do nothing to slow it down a bit.
Your attempts at joking and mockery have fallen flat. Your addon was only used in vanilla/tbc due to there wasn't really any competition for data display. Sure people use it today but ui enthusiasts these days steer way clear from it.
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