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Good if Lazy Scotty Beam Me Up Addon does only that.

Originally Posted by lairdofdeath View Post
it appears to be nothing more than a chat addon really it looks for chat msgs asking for people for groups and periodically adds its own msg looking for people to join you
This would be great so hoping it's like this I mean for those lazies who use it.

Second subject: Shame that Minion client still not recognizing WoW Retail or Classic folder when added :/

Third Subject: Wonder if data processing gets slower when install Golden early Days Adventures client to own folder outside the World of Warcraft Folder. Mean that still inside the BNet's, but not inside WoW folder. When i start doing that then i get a popup that data is not shared & will take more space. At first time during prev. S.Test i installed it inside World of Warcraft folder & then there's classic & retail separated.

I can stand that couple more GB Size taken when install outside WoW folder It's couple less clicks that way when going to handle savedvariables etc. Ofc could create shortcut to desktop that leads straight there when installed inside WoW Folder Hmm.

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