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whispers not showing names

Hi, first of all, sorry for posting this in multiple places. I'm newb to this website and just finally found where I'm supposed to post these things.

anyway, I've had this bug since probably ver 2.04 (BFA).

I will either private message, or receive a message from someone, regardless of whether or not they're added on my B.Net Friends list, but their names would not show up properly. Their name would show up as some variation of the word "Unknown". What I mean by variation, is that sometimes it would be the full word "Unknown", other times it would be "Unkno" or some other variation of the word with missing letters.

This is better illustrated when I receive multiple private messages from various people, and as you can imagine, becomes very confusing. The only way I know who I am receiving or sending message back to is if I click on their name to reply, in which case it will show their character name or BNET name. However, even after responding to their replies, in my chat, all private messages just end up as if I've been talking to "Unkown", "Unkn" etc.

I don't get any LUA errors for this.

I've attached a picture below, to better illustrate what I mean.