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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
Okay guys, that is definitely not what was happening with my version. I'll give the new version a going through with my druid over the next few days and hopefully will come across another quest that uses it or my warlock in a dungeon.

What happens when you click the button though? Because as far as I recall the idea is to press that button as soon as it appears so surely that would mean the other bar is meaningless anyway during that time. But I don't recall the main bar disappearing on 5.07.26 + my fix files doing that.
There are some things that last forever, for example in the screenshot i posted, that special action is a buff i have whenever i enter dread wastes, so its constantly up until i leave the zone, for now i just switched to another buff, but not gonna help out when it happens in a dungeon or something.