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Originally Posted by samyonair View Post
I have found one failure because I cannot merge without problems,

we need a decission

which codebase should be used your files are converted with Unix and my with DOS

don't know why but without to know which utf8 I should use I cannot merge it,

will do that because misstakes in german I've found by the way to chnage them manually at merging,

2. I found a double in Credits Page

JimJoBlue is double one time for guide locations updates and checking one only for guide locations updates, could be removed but this should decide Rythal

Greetings Samyonair
github uses Unix line endings and I don't convert them since my software supports both, most of the translation files I use are in UTF-8 encoding since WoW uses it and it won't trow errors if i forget to use an LUA escape sequence for it. Not to mention that KR, RU, CN and TW are untranslatable without it.
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