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anyone still customize UI with panels?

I am new to this site.

I enjoy customizing my UI and for the longest time, I just did easy stuff like moving UnitFrames and minimap, etc. I want to get further into customizing it by using panels to display my addons when wanted and hide them when they are not needed. I have played around with kgpanels and done simple scripts like open a frame on click but I can not seem to get it to hide addons. I would like to set up some sliding side panels for my bartender custom bars as well as hide the damage meter, details.

Does anyone know of a better addon than kgpanels? Does anyone know how to do sliding panels in kgpanels? Can someone point me in the right direction where a noob like me can understand what the scripts are doing? I prefer to understand them more so than copy and paste them.

Also, framestack is not all that intuitive. It is very hard for me to find the overall frame for an AddOn so I can anchor the frame to it. Anybody know of any quick tutorials out there for it?

Thanks all,

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