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Originally Posted by Helln_HiHeels View Post
"generally" speaking .. and solely based on my experiences .. pvp'ers have a vastly different play-style than pve'ers. It has seemed, as of late, there are far more 85s in pvp gear running heroic dungeons "for the first time".

what it breaks down to is a better preparedness (on my part as a healer) for more "oh ****" moments when CCs are broken, mobs pulled, etc etc because of a lack of familiarity running dungeons, "tanking", among other things.

as far as "if the person in question can play it's class, which is way more common for a "pvp'er" than a "pve'er" .. I respectfully disagree .. I play my healer very well but you wouldn't want me attempting to save anybody's backside in pvp ... but in dungeons or raids you're in good hands. PvP .. PvE 2 completely different mindsets (imo)
Offtopic; I went from PVE to PVP and tbh It made me a better player pve wise..PVP is all about those "WTF" moments so a decent pvper should have better knowleadge how to handle those situations imo..

Ontopic; You should probally use some Gearscore addon.
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