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I wanted to add to this myself... I came to the forums this morning for exactly this issue. I have been playing around with my addons, disabling most of them and enabling selective ones to find out where my lag is. I finally pinned it down to the Carbonite Questing module. For me, however, I really only see the issue in Darkmoon Faire and on Timeless Isle. I think the problem exists in other places, but it isn't bad enough to really bother me.

For Darkmoon Faire, the worst dailies to do are the whack-a-mole, gun shoot, and the target tank games... Each one of those dailies causes an update to the objective count when a mole is whacked or a target is shot. On each update, I get a 1-3 second delay... even worse, I find that I end up missing other targets (since I usually am already in route to my next target) because I over or undershoot the next target.

If I disable the Carbonite Questing module (and only that module), lag completely disappears and I have smooth game play. Of course, I don't get objective updates as I work through the daily.

Can anyone else confirm this issue as well? I am using 5.4.0 Alpha 2.