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That is the unfortunate part of this bug that has made it so difficult... the fact there is no error messages. That means it's something either running to long, or running multiple times when it shouldn't be and causing more processing then should be occuring.... but since it's not happening on my end I could strip out 90% of the code and not know if it's fixed or not.

What it's most likely going to come down to is i'll need to create a special version of the quest module that has a huge amount of debugging, when functions start running, when they end, which function got called and have people use it and report what chat is saying when it occurs, hopefully letting us narrow it down.

The only plus side is the common denominator in it all has been when quests get updated.

Has anyone tried turning off the carbonite quest tracker and seeing if it still happens? (leaving quest module loaded, but quest watch turned off)