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Editing chat bubbles with LUA?

Hey guys! After asking on the official WoW forums, and doing a search of these forums for what I'm looking for, I've come up dry - so I thought I would try a post here, also. First of all, be forewarned: I am new to writing mods. People afraid of noobs, run now! Those that aren't...

I'm working on a mod right now, and had need of editing out some text from chat bubbles that my mod adds to messages that people send in /say, /yell, and /party. I can't seem to locate any functions that I can hook to modify chat bubbles, but I haven't found anything yet, even after trying to scan through some of Blizzard interface LUA files. After the some of the input I received on the official forums, I tried to delve a little deeper, but I'm coming up empty handed again. Here is a link from the short thread on the official forums:


I'm not having any problems hooking the chatframe functions, editing chat messages, or editing messages sent by the client... the main thing (and more annoying/aesthetic, rather than a mod-breaking headache) is that I want to edit text out of Chat Bubbles. I don't want to change anything in a chat bubble aside from, for example, double parentheses when someone uses them for speaking OOC on RP realms, or other specific tags determined by my mod to use when speaking in /say, /party, /yell, etc.

Any help would be very much appreciated, or even somewhere I could find the answer if I were pointed. Thanks!

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