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Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
First of all you'd need to keep track of what's actually changed between every update, and not just store everything in your bags.
Interestingly, the code I have in post #6 above stores only items I acquire. It does not store everything in my bags. It looks it is not working as it should, but it is doing what I need it to do.

Currently, my addon works just fine. My only concern is whether it is efficient or not. From a general programming perspective, using BAG_UPDATE is not efficient for identifying newly acquired items. I currently don't know how to use CHAT_MSG_LOOT, but I will check. If there was a simple ITEM_RECIEVED event, that would be perfect.

Is there a way to check or compare two lua scripts in terms of efficiency? For example, using BAG_UPDATE vs using CHAT_MSG_LOOT.

@MunkDev, the current code stores only the newly acquired items, so, I will note your suggestion about C_NewItems, but I will not use it for the moment.

Thanks again.

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