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Originally Posted by Jpheonix View Post
You talk about setting options to mine TIN only for example. How do you do this? How can you display only tin nodes and set routes for only tin?

"Simply put, if you want to farm Silver, track Tin and route through them. If you want Titanium, route through both Saronite and Titanium spawn points"
You answer that in your own quote, actually:

Originally Posted by Jigain View Post
How can I route only one or a few nodes? I only want some herbs or minerals.
That's fairly easy as well. You begin by deselecting both mining and herbalism locations in the Show... menu we talked about earlier. Then you click the Guide button on your Carbonite map, go to Gather, select if you want herbs or minerals, and then pick the one you're looking for. OBSERVE, you need to click on the icon, clicking the text won't work. If you look on your map, icons for that herb or mineral alone will pop up. You can hold the SHIFT button and click more icons if you want to include them.
((--Image yet to come--))

After that, you right click the map, select Route... and Current Gather Locations. Viola.