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Do you have any of the old Macaroon addons still installed and still loading on login.. and still got their saved vars? deleting all of that old stuff is pretty crucial to this new versions functionality.

Dualspec, yes there are 2 differeft ways of handling it.
The profile swap or one where the bars change within the same profile.
I am using the latter and have not had any problems what so ever.
You said "Again, Manual load." when using the bar specific one. which I do not understand as you do not have to load any profile when you use that option.

Since the dragging of a macro worked to one button it should work to any button as long as that button is an macro or actionID button. (the macro button will be automatically made into an actionID button for Blizzard macros.)
However if the button have been given a PetID then it is not possible to drag any spell to that button. Make sure that's not what have happened here. And for even better functionality I'd really say go with a Macaroon macro, just copy paste the macro from your blizzard one into the Macaroon macro editor for that button.

The reload matter I am not sure of what caused it but perhaps it had something to do with the profiles malfunction.
Many have stated that in Macaroon 40000.1.11 the profile swap worked fine and thus have reverted to that version. It's a little hassle and not a fix and really a bad workaround, as you will miss some of the other bug fixes Maul made to Macaroon. But if you can't wait...
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