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Unhappy WeakAura Sounds / BigWigs

Hey Guys,

im playing a resto druid, and just made a couple of weakauras with sounds. If my Lifebloom ends on a target, a sound reminds me saying "Lifebloom". Same goes for the other spells. Since I use BigWigs and the loudness of my soundfiles a just very quiet, I got problems on how loud BigWigs actually is. Both use the Master-Channel of WoW, and so the BigWigs Sounds are much louder than my WeakAura sounds, what is really annoying. At DBM you can change the Soundchannel, but I really dont like it. Is there any way to turn my WeakAura sounds (its like seven WeakAuras or so) louder, or to turn BigWigs more quiet? Itll be such a blessing...

Thanks in advance

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