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It was intended as gentle teasing. Hence the silly tongue-sticking-out smilie.

No undermining of efforts detected, no worries.

No, we won't be pulling from other sites for a couple of reasons:

a) that is violation of author copyright (redistribution) - if they want us to be able to distribute their mods for them, they upload here;
b) because the authors aren't uploading to it themselves it isn't current, so authors get users b!tching at them about bugs that they've already fixed and users are getting old versions that may have problems;
c) you don't go pulling from someone else's site without their permission (see a), plus the fact that it takes away their page views and ad impressions, all of which are big no nos.

Other apps do these things, but we won't. I know it is less than convenient for our users, for which I'm sorry, but to do otherwise wouldn't be moral, ethical or legal. Sorry. =/

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