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Originally Posted by Niketa View Post
Just for educational reasons, could you explain why the previous version I had may have behaved in the way they did? Such as why it was rerunning on old tags and releasing everything as an alpha?
For old tags, it was probably because they didn't exist on the GitHub repo (only locally). It was packaging all commits/tags because your previous tags line told it to. (** is a wildcard that matches all commits/tags). As for it packaging alphas, a non-tag commit is considered an alpha by the packager.

Originally Posted by Niketa View Post
Also, should I have my workflows only on my stable branch or should I have it on my development branch too? I'm thinking just stable because I think it was double uploading when I had it on both, but I want to be sure I understand it right.

By filtering your tags as I demonstrated above, tags should be properly packaged as release or alpha/beta, as long as they're tagged properly. You could theoretically leave workflows intact and synced on both branches.

If you want it more refined, you could add back in the branch filtering that you had previously. Alternatively, if your commits and tags are exclusive to their respective branch (ie, you only push alpha/beta to the development branch), you could simply remove the stable workflow from the development branch and remove the development workflow from the stable branch.
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