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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Your third link has the code edit stuff.
Oh dears. I need to L2Read then

Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
But it's not their place to "fix" things in the addons. As has been stated, they have broken code when doing this. If the addon is abandoned and the license allows for someone else to pick it up, and the WM folks want to take care of it, then they should become a real maintainer of that addon. Do it "for realsies" and take care of the users. Working with the community, letting the users/community know that they are doing this and they are the new maintainer to go to with bugs, feature requests, etc.
I totally agree with this. If they are going to "fix" code then they should do it for real. Be the maintainers of that addon etc etc etc.

I still think it's wrong for an addon updater program to alter work that they did not produce as they have no right to do so. If I'm using an addon updater program I expect it to do just that - update my addons. I do not expect it to turn off Showing lua errors or alter registery settings or alter TOC numbers or alter any other code.

Because then it's effectively creating an extra version of each addon it alters code for.

Seerah I hope you don't mind but I'm going to use your addon as an example (no offence intended babe )

Let's say for example WM decides to alter 1 line of code in TipTop version 4.2 (version number pulled out of my head BTW not real) .

Seerah then updates TipTop to version 4.3 that she publish to Curse , WoW interface etc etc etc.

You now have version 4.2 , version 4.2 Wow matrix edition , version 4.3 ....

Now can we see how complicated that makes support issues ? If wowmatrix isn't declaring in the addon that they have changed code and where it makes it much harder on the addon author to track down bugs.

Seerah would have to get a copy of wow matrix's edits and have to keep track of those changes on top of all the other support issues she has to deal with. Should she have to do this ? No !

If you're going to be a hosting site for addons be a hosting site for addons. Don't be all running around changing addon code behind addon author's backs - it's not your code to begin with so you have no right to change it.
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