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Are addons kept up-to-date?

Not sure if this is the right place for this but: Are the addons on WOW Interface still up-to-date?

The reason for my question is this:

Up 'till now I updated my addons manually untill I started using Minion today.
I noticed serveral of my addons where actually more recent then what Minion wanted me to "update".
I started digging deeper, comparing versions from different sites and authors and found several "outdated" addons here on Wow Interface.
Some examples:

- Addon Control Panel (here r257, should be r259)
- Postal (here it is v3.5.0 but should be v3.6.0)
- Ovale Spell Priority (here 6.2.17 should be 8.1.0)
- Opie (here Lime 6, should be Walnut 1)
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