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Stuf LUA help

I'm looking for a custom lua code to show curhp/maxhp followed by perchp with two decimals for Stuf Unit Frames. The current code I'm using which only shows perchp with two decimals -

function(unit, cache, textframe)
  if UnitExists(unit) then
    local perchp = 100 * UnitHealth(unit)/UnitHealthMax(unit)
    return "%.2f%%",perchp
    local perchp = 100 * UnitHealth("player")/UnitHealthMax("player")
    return "%.2f%%",perchp
I'd like a code for both of the following setups if possible

300000/500000 | 60.00%
60.00% | 300000/500000

Thanks for any help!
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