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Addon causing UI elements to turn transparent

This may be a more general lua question, but I haven't had ANY luck in that forum, seeing as how my addon uses oUF maybe someone here can help...

So this is a new bug that popped up with the legion pre-patch.
Before the pre-patch everything worked peachy and perfect. Now, not so much.

I have an addon that replaces the player frame with health and power orbs. (diablo 3 style).
I also have a neat little animation option that puts one of a number of choosable animations ontop of the standard orb texture, to give alot more flavor and customizability to it.

Unfortunately, for some reason as of 7.0.3, whenever the UI is reloaded (through /reload or zone change) if the orb displaying an animation is not 100% full, it glitches the UI, turning basically everything transparent (see screenshot) aside from the addon's artwork and the primary actionbar.

Also the animation of the orbs doesn't appear to "unfill" properly when the orb is depleted, not sure if this issue is related or not.

Any ideas what could cause such a bug? And what I might do to fix it other than removing or recoding the animations completely?
I'd much rather patch the existing code than have to rewrite it all due to time constraints between work and school.

Before and after /reload with animations enabled on power bar.

code can be viewed here:
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