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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Again, without knowing what you want to do it's basically impossible to offer any useful suggestions on how you might solve your problem.
I intended this thread to be more like "Has anyone seen this bug?" rather than "Help me with my addon!", but it's clear that most people probably haven't seen this bug.

At the very least, this bug is now on Google, and it wasn't before this. Hopefully it helps somebody in the future who comes here from a search engine like I would have.

I'll post back if I find any workaround, if I find that the problem was entirely (or partially) on my end, or if I manage to find the trigger for the bug. Overflow of the 6 hex segment is a potential possibility if they have changed the way those numbers are generated. In Patch 5.4.1, there was a bug with the 'double' variables in Lua overflowing when Blizzard passed massive integer values from C code. This could cause odd results if the game (or in some cases the server) had been running for a long time. I'm not sure how they handled the resolution of that issue, but it could have impacted this in some bizarre way.
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